Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

In The Beginning…

What a great opening line. In three simple words you know just where you are. Knowing where you are is highly under rated these days. Over emphasized but still under rated. Four Square and Hoot and Whrrl may let the world know where your cell phone is but where are you? Are you at the […]

Apologies without apology

Something very rare happened about a month ago. A young woman apologized to me. What was rare was that it was, as far as I can remember, the first time a woman apologized to me without adding the backhanded zing. You know the one…”I’m sorry if your feelings….”,”I’m sorry if you misunderstood…”, “I’m sorry if…” […]

In 500 Words or Less

I really love writing. There is something soothing about getting my wildly rambling thoughts in some kind of order on the screen in front of me. My fingers like the rhythmic motion of typing. Many times I find myself considering the writings of great authors of history and finding my feeble attempts fall short of […]