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Passionate Love

Our pastor is teaching a series through the book of the Revelation. This morning’s passage was on the church at Laodicea. I’ve read this passage before and sat through many series on the letter to the seven churches. This morning God showed me something new and it nearly broke my heart. This group of believers […]

3D Christmas

I’ve been having a little trouble getting into the “Christmas Spirit” this year. Couldn’t put my finger on the problem until this morning when I drove past a Nativity on the lawn of a local church. They put up the same display every year. It’s cut out painted plywood. In the time it took to […]

Only the names have been changed…

In 1970 cartoonist Walt Kelly famously paraphrased a famous quote for an Earth Day poster that featured characters from his long-running strip Pogo and mourned the sad state of the environment.”We have met the enemy, and he is us” it read. This came to mind last night during a discussion over dinner. I made the […]

What I Want For Christmas

Miracles.In one word that sums up what I truly want for Christmas.I want to spend time with people I love and who love me.I don’t want anyone to think they have to spend time with me for any other reason.I want to know those I love are safe and healthy and happy.I want to be […]