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All Things In Order

About 15 years ago I spent some time learning about addictions as part of the job I had. One of the most successful programs for alcohol addiction has been AA. Since they hold a lot of meetings and the meetings are free it worked very well to attend and listen. After my first meeting I […]

Stand in the rain

Outside the window of my home office is an apple tree. Some of you, dear readers, have heard my heart before about this constant companion to my writing. The apple tree came with the house we bought 9 years ago. In the seasons that have come and gone it has produced exactly 5 apples. I […]


I mean that in the actual “do this” sense of the phrase. Thank God it’s Friday. How often do we look at Friday not as the beginning of rest and reverence but more as the end of work and franticly trying to keep up? Do we look to the weekend for what it holds or for what […]

He Wasn’t Irish!

But it’s not his nationality that makes Patrick’s life worth celebrating. It was his response to the Irish. He loved them. It made no sense for him to love them given the early years of his life but he did. It made no sense for him to want to go back once he escaped the […]