Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions


Have you forgiven her? You know who I mean. The one we are so quick to fault for being deceived. The one who ate the fruit, opened the door to the curse and changed your life before it even began. Eve. Not Original Eve, we like her. Maybe even envy her a bit. Beautiful, young, […]

Artificial Stress

Today is an artificial deadline. For many it is an annual high water line for stress and fear. For others it comes and goes and they watch the frantic stress with a satisfied smugness knowing they have taken steps to avoid this particular stress.  Their tax returns have been turned in. I walked the fine line […]

Following Directions

A few years ago I started investing in an amazing collection of software from Logos. Let me start by saying I do not get any compensation from them in any form. I have been and continue to be deeply blessed and challenged by the material they offer. So I was cleaning out my desk last […]

Parsnips and Rootabagas

Are they on your shopping list today? Probably not. Not a high demand for them any more. McDonald’s doesn’t deep fry and salt them. KFC hasn’t battered and fried them. Pizza Hut hasn’t smoothered them in cheese. So why am I writing about them today? Good question. Probably the same reason you’re not eating them today. They […]