Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

My Brain May Explode!

Between Ted and Alison and MIT and Khan and Oprah and Kindle and Google there is more free quality education available now than at any time in the collective history of mankind. If you have haven’t completely detoured from my page following the incredible resources linked above I am honored and would encourage you to […]

Power Of Attorney

Some mornings start earlier than others. Mine started with a phone call letting me know my mother half a country away is in the hospital. There is not much I can do except pray and wait. My aunt is there and years ago my mother gave her power of attorney. This morning I’m wondering who […]


When I see that word I think of the little sign on the door of the lavatory on an airplane. I’ll be the first to admit I do not know what the Occupy protesters really want. But it makes me wonder…what would you be willing to protest? What would you be willing to do to […]

Sunday Shower

By far the best place for me to do my thinking is in the shower. That being said here’s what I got this morning. I’ve been going over the incredible odds of all the things that came together on May 2, 2009. The connections and details have become so complex and intricate that The Matrix […]