Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

“Thank You for….”

  That would be a really nice follow up from an event if I had actually attended or from a supplier if I had actually purchased anything. But when someone sends out a response and it doesn’t have an action to connect it to I’m left with the feeling that there really isn’t a connection […]

What Did You Do Today?

  This poem is from a scrapbook created during the 1940’s that I bought at an antique flea market when I was 13.    

Those Who Serve

My grandfather = Fay Vernon Liles, USA My Father in Law = Truman Vaughan, USN My Father = Lloyd Liles, USAF My Uncle = Lawrence Swan, USAF My Sister = Linda Humbert, USA My Brother = Mike Liles, USMC My Brother In Law = Tim Hicks, USA My Brother In Law = Clay Vaughan, USA […]