Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Have you surrendered?

I know it’s Monday morning. Many of my Facebook friends are bemoaning the start of another week. For many that includes having to be somewhere at a specific time to resume specific tasks with specific people for specific compensation. I have to wonder this morning how much different the day would be if instead of […]


How often do you chat with your friends when you see them pop up as online? Does access increase communication, deepen relationship or just serve as a reminder you haven’t talked in way too long? Give the opportunity do you reach out or draw back? How many chances will you pass up today to tell someone […]

Where do you get your content?

I like words that have more than one meaning. Many of you read the question “Where do you get the stuff you put in your blog?” But other’s may have read “Where do you get the stuff that makes you satisfied?” Either way the question is one of filling up the blank space with something. […]

What would you do with 6 hours?

Today is one of two days this month I get 6 hours to myself. This year I am homeschooling our 8th grader. She attends class just two days a month on the first and second Monday for 6 hours. The rest of the month she works on the curriculum independently. Throw in a rotating band rehearsal schedule […]