Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Have You Picked Your Low Hanging Fruit?

This morning I took a short ladder out to the tree just outside my window. I climbed up the tree and gathered these beauties. Now I could make a reference to “life is a bowl of cherries” but that wasn’t where my heart and mind went as I was balancing and reaching. I read a […]

Are you teachable?

When was the last time you let someone teach you something? Something that made your life easier or better or happier? Something that you never thought you could do but now you can? A quick glance through the book store will reveal the overwhelming number of books written by someone who knows something and took […]

Who are you following?

Who is your personal or professional role model? If you were to follow in someone’s career path who’s would it be? If you could have anyone in the world for a mentor who would you choose? Why them? If you don’t know where you are going it’s a waste of gas to go 90 miles […]

How’s your 6 pack?

Reader Digest ran a short article in the late 1970’s that still impacts my daily life. It was 6 things to do everyday.         Something you want to do     Something you don’t want to do     Something for someone else     Physical exercise     Mental exercise     […]