Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Not Something To “Get Over”

It’s Wednesday. I know, not breaking news. But somewhere along the timeline of history Wednesday became the summit of the week. Striving to get through the uphill climb of Monday and Tuesday only to stand for a moment somewhere around noon on Wednesday before starting the momentum building rush back down to the weekend. What […]

Keeping My Day Job

I have to confess I have the best job. I get to be a stay at home mom to my favorite teenager in the whole wide world. I get to spend time making our house a home for her and for my very favorite person in the whole wide world, my husband. There are days […]

I Don’t Want It All

I have an arm full of cloths on hangers that I keep moving around. They were hanging in a storage unit in the garage for several years. But earlier this year we moved that cabinet and added a shelving unit. I took the clothes out while the re-org was going on and the space they […]

At The End Of The Day

The task list is long and never-ending. The daily maintenance alone can fill my waking hours. Dreams, projects, desires and goals are pushed down or postponed until the real work is faced. But what if the dreams, projects, desires and goals are the real work? What if the maintenance is secondary instead of primary? What […]