Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

If Not Now….

Marching Band season has begun at my favorite teen’s high school. Early this morning 127 young musicians gathered on the marching band field to warm up, form up and begin drills. In a week or so the field will be invaded by football players but make no mistake. That is the marching band field. As […]

Read It Again, Sam

One of the most quoted lines from Casablanca isn’t actually in the movie.  Rick never said “Play it again, Sam.” Watch the movie. Listen closely. Does the one word make a difference? It does. I confess I have a bad habit of reading too fast. Not that I’m a speed reader but that I am […]

Super Saturday

I have no plans for Saturday. I have hopes. I hope there are waffles for breakfast. I hope there is time in the garden. My roses need tending and my container gardens need attention, too. I hope to spend time in my craft cottage, organizing and puttering and just being crafty. I hope to wander […]

Digital Detox

I wish I could tell you where the idea of Digital Detox started. I picked it up somewhere on line and have adopted it as my own. The idea is pretty simple. Turn off electronic media for a self determined amount of time. If you are suffering from serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) this […]