Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

I Just Don’t See It

Ever stare at an optical illusion? You may see one thing and not the other. This one has two women. Have you seen them both? What I love about this one is they are both wearing the same ruffled bonnet. I’d like to think they are the same woman. One looking forward and one looking […]

The Long and Short Of It…

I Googled the phrase, searched classic literature for examples of it’s use and now I am compelled to read War and Peace, the icon of The Long of it. Classic literature is classic because it holds up over time. Written in 1869, read by millions of high school students in AP English classes and college […]

Personal ROI

Investments are something we generally associate with money. But everyday we make decisions on where to invest our time, strength and attention. Some decisions are a combination of all three with the end result being money. Many are habitual investments. Same use of time day in and day out. Same strengths being drawn upon time […]

Dream Bigger

You have one. It’s somewhere in the back of your heart or your head. It may have made its way to some doodles or even an outline in a notebook that keeps resurfacing when you clean your desk or move that same stack of papers from one place to another again. It’s come up a […]