Lana Vaughan

Living in Oz

Response Ability

Today I was thinking about the Wizard of Oz. Mainly I was considering what each main character desired and how those desires were already met within themselves. Each one was looking to someone else to give them something they didn’t… Continue Reading…



Fences are built to keep things out and to keep things in. Boundaries serve the same function. Both can be electrified without being obvious.


Relation Ships

Three years ago we got puppies. One male and one female. They are 3/4 Labrador and 1/4 Border Collie. Hence the name Boradors. If you know anything about dog breeds you recognize some strong characteristics in both these breeds. Labs… Continue Reading…

Due Diligence

Response Ability

There is an old adage about looking before you leap. In this era of information overload and quick access it hold even more true than ever. How many of your friends, because I’m sure you would never do this, post… Continue Reading…