Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Creative vs Productive

Self-defeating behavior seems to run in my family. It goes hand in hand with the creativity and artistic. Those who are the most creative fight with depression, purpose, and motivation. Those who have little to no creativity tend to be productive in mindless routine tasks. Both sides of the family find the other annoying. The […]

How Do I Find You?

Across the country I have friends who are young moms juggling small children and life on their own for one reason or another. Some husbands are deployed and some dads are just not in the picture. Each time I hear one of them has a sick child or needs a sitter for a couple of […]

Change Your Day in 3 Easy Steps

How many times have you read this promise? More than you can count, I’m sure. Each writer has a couple of ideas they believe will improve your day if you just follow instructions. And the reason they keep writing simple steps and the reason people keep reading simple steps is because we think simple is […]

Quick Fix

It started out as a simple mistake. The nail tech filed too much on the side and the plastic tip cracked. Filing it down so it was straight across made the nail 1/4 inch shorter than the same nail on the other hand. Unfortunately the nails were on the hands of a woman who had […]