Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

What do you want?

I want to stay in my office until all the books I have in me have been written. I want to stay in my reading chair until all the books I have gathered have been read. I want to stay in my craft cottage until I run out of supplies and all the projects I […]

Laundry, Airplanes and Dog Poop

Yes, this is my prayer list. Or a part of it. Years ago I found the admonition to pray without ceasing to be unrealistic. But since I adopted my prayer by association I find it has become part of my moment by moment day. A friend who was frustrated with her life said she was […]

Is Your Band Ready?

Tonight across the country young men and women will stand alone atop a platform in the gap between the field and the stands and answer this question. These teenagers will look up at a panel of judges and respond with a salute. Between them and the judges are rows of family, friends, and hundreds of […]