Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Doing My Homework

Last week I signed up for a 365 Day business development course. I’m on Day 5. I must admit I didn’t do Day 3 on Day 3 but did catch up on Day 3 and Day 4 last night. Which brings me to Day 5. Today’s assignment is to make $1 doing something I care […]


Tonight we will be listening to big band music at a casino. Not how I was brought up to spend the Sunday before Christmas but somehow this year it makes me feel closer to the original Christmas than I have in a long time. You see I was invited. Not in the old fashioned invitation […]

You Can Take It With You

I called her because I had a strong memory of homemade divinity fudge from the years we would spend Christmas with her as a child. Not every year but every couple of years I would pull out an old cook book or download a recipe and try my hand at making my own batch of […]

What Am I 4? YES

Last night I found out a dear friend had sent me a Christmas present. It arrived on Wednesday but I had added the delivery box to my little stack of Christmas gifts to wrap that I had ordered for others. A message sent me searching for it and then the craziness began. There were three […]