Lana Vaughan

Are You A Good Receiver?

Relation Ships

The old adage “It’s better to give than receive” could just as easily read “It’s easier to give than receive” when it comes to five things. Compliments – Is your first response to deny or down play the compliment? How… Continue Reading…

What Brings You To Tears?


Saturday night I sat on a plastic high school gym bleacher with tears rolling down my face. Tonight I know the tears will flow again. Both tear generators are final performances of ensembles I have taken to heart. The Santa… Continue Reading…

What Do You Want?

QuestionsRelation Ships

If you want me to know, you should tell me. If you want me to remember, you should write it down. If you want me to understand, we should have coffee. 

I’d Give Up Onions For You

Relation Ships

With every goal or pursuit there is much to be gained but always at a cost. Great chefs work nights and weekends. The dinner service is the high point of their day. Great doctors endure the years of late night… Continue Reading…