Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

12 Stop Lights and 4 U-turns

That’s what I encounter on a “normal” school day. I drive my daughter to school and pick her up after school. If I make the round trip twice a day its 12 stop lights and 4 u-turns. Every additional trip adds 6 and 2. Today is a split day meaning she is there for her […]

I don’t know your story

This may come as a big surprise to some but most of the people you meet do not know your story. Even the person you share most of your life with does not know your whole story. You may kiss them good-by each morning and welcome them home at the end of the day but […]

That’s Easy!

Over the past few months I have come to an understanding that I find ridiculous. When I am asked how to do something my usual response is “That’s easy!” The thought behind my statement is that I can quickly handle that request or I can quickly teach the person how to do something or can […]