Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions


I subscribe to a couple of hundred bloggers and email lists. I have filters set up so all incoming material goes automatically into files or folders or programs so I can read it or save it for later without having to sort through each of them every day. Since many of them only post or […]

Smarter Than You

When my son was very young I would tell him something and he would ask me how I knew that. I would reply “Because I’m smarter than you”. It was a quick way to end the questions and move on. One day a woman I respect asked me how I knew something and “Because I’m […]


Is there a room in your home that needs a deep cleaning? Is there a skill on your resume that needs sharpening? Is there a relationships on your heart that needs healing? Who do you think is going to do it if you don’t? If not by working at it, how? If not now, when? […]

Missing One Ingredient

You’ve been there before. Standing in front of the refrigerator or pantry shelves, trying to decide what to make for dinner or just looking for that something that will tide you over until your next meal. Running your eyes over the possibilities each time you come up one ingredient short. You could have cereal but […]