Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Dangerous Paths

Have you ever come across a hidden path and wondered where it led and who made it? Have you hesitated with your heart and head arguing about the wisdom of setting off down that path? Have you been pulled by the unknown just around the bend? Have you persuaded others to join you in exploring […]

Life Before Facebook

I grew up with rotary phones and phone books. I grew up with VHS and answering machines. I grew up with a library card and a bicycle. I grew up talking to friends and writing letters. I grew up in a slower time. I am grateful. Last week I cleared out my personal Facebook account. […]

Little Things

It’s been stuck in the corner of the poster frame hanging by my front door for years. Today I realized it was gone. And with it a piece of my dream hung in the balance. A single dollar bill, not remarkable in any way. But that single dollar bill was on top of the small […]

Baby Steps

This week I took a few more steps toward my own dream becoming reality. I signed up for an online course. I know, there are so many and choosing can be difficult. This one made it easy. The webinar had so much compelling content that closing the sale was a no-brainer. I am getting so […]