Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Season 3 Episode 1

Setting: Gilroy High School football field Time: Early evening on a warm October Saturday Off screen: The cadence of a single drum As the scene opens 112 12 foot white pipes are visible moving toward the far end of the end zone. Coming through the gate it becomes clear they are in groups of 8 […]


I am a dichotomy. I have more technology in my home office than some small countries. I also have a Hammond church organ in my living room. I have a Kindle in my purse and stack of books piled up that won’t fit on any of my 200 board feet of bookcase shelves. I have […]

Living the dream

Looking to my right this morning I saw a sleep teenager eating her breakfast in the van as I navigated the familiar route of stop lights and u-turns that are so much of my traffic pattern the past few years. It was the first of four round trips I will make to her school today. […]


Want people to respect your beliefs, don’t belittle or deny them theirs. Want people to help you, help them. Want people to have your back, have their’s. Want people to have meaningful conversations, learn to listen. Most people want the same things…if you don’t offer them, why would expect them?