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Tipping Point

This maybe the tipping point for another civil war. It’s the same issue that created the flag in the first place…federal government over riding states rights. I for one have had more than enough of the federal government. I’m not in alignment with much of the politics in the state I live in but I […]

Third Time Not Charming

I have tried a local restaurant 3 times now. Each time I went in hopeful. Each time I left with a less than satisfied experience. The first time I went in was on Good Friday 2 years ago. The special listed on the chalk board out front was fish and chips. I ordered the special, […]

“Cinderella” and Intentional Fatherhood

Every now and then I read something and think “I wish I’d written that”. Today I am honored to share a guest post by Jason Teal. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know…”what does Cinderella have to do with THAT?!” I hear some of my male friends ask.  And if all you have ever seen is […]

Special Needs

Everyone I have ever met has special needs. Some deny them. Some over come them. Some get help dealing with them. Some demand the world around them change to meet them. How do you handle your special needs? Do you ignore them? Do you trade on them? Do you consider them your definition? Do you […]