Lana Vaughan

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Gate Keeper Failure

Harvey McKay says he always hires two positions at his company personally, the CEO and the Receptionist. Recently I changed dentists because of his front office staff. This is not a new tactic for me. I have changed doctors, coffee shops, internet, cable and phone companies, plumbers, grocery stores and churches because of the front […]

Worth Saying

Many blogs start out strong and then fade away. They are set up for a variety of reasons. Some are to promote products or services. Others to offer information or advice. But the majority are like mine. A writer trying to find their voice, build a platform and using words make the world a better […]

Tipping Point

This maybe the tipping point for another civil war. It’s the same issue that created the flag in the first place…federal government over riding states rights. I for one have had more than enough of the federal government. I’m not in alignment with much of the politics in the state I live in but I […]

Third Time Not Charming

I have tried a local restaurant 3 times now. Each time I went in hopeful. Each time I left with a less than satisfied experience. The first time I went in was on Good Friday 2 years ago. The special listed on the chalk board out front was fish and chips. I ordered the special, […]