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I subscribe to a couple of hundred bloggers and email lists. I have filters set up so all incoming material goes automatically into files or folders or programs so I can read it or save it for later without having to sort through each of them every day. Since many of them only post or [...]

Smarter Than You

When my son was very young I would tell him something and he would ask me how I knew that. I would reply “Because I’m smarter than you”. It was a quick way to end the questions and move on. One day a woman I respect asked me how I knew something and “Because I’m [...]

Early Adopter

Did you have a cell phone that looked like a putty colored brick? Did you have a projection tv? Did your blog start on Blogger? For a long time were you the only one you knew using a Mac? If you were, you may be an Early Adopter. EAs are the ones who stand in [...]

Then there was one

A few months ago I ordered this set of coffee/tea mugs. When I originally went looking for them I was only thinking of ordering one. But they came in a set so six it was. They have since offered them individually. The box arrived in a timely manner and sat in my office aging. I already [...]