Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Missing pieces

I’ve heard the “life is a tapestry” analogy. I’ve heard “all the world’s a stage….” I heard we are each called to our own unique story. I believe each of those are true. This morning I realized why they are true. I have a vision for my life, a play on the stage, a story […]

Closer to the fire

Last year I had several old trees cut down on our property. They were beautiful and still alive but the core was rotten and they were a risk to our 120 year old house. They had to come down. There are now big dark dirt circles marking the place where these giants stood. The largest […]

At the end of the day…hope

I don’t want to see anymore political stuff. Not because I don’t want to be an informed voter but because nothing I see offers any hope. All I see are people taking and yelling and threatening and telling others what they are doing is wrong. I’m tired of it. I have long said “you can’t […]

3 Feet In Front Of My Nose

I need glasses or contacts to see anything more than 3 feet in front of me clearly. But when I’m trying to read I have to take the glasses off or put reading glasses on! This challenge with focus (pun intended) extends far beyond my interaction with the written word. It feels like a metaphor […]