Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions


Don’t want me to judge you by the color of your skin…don’t assume I will because of the color of mine. Want me to hear you…don’t yell at me. Sit down and talk. Want me to know what’s going on in your life…call me, write me a letter or email, meet me for coffee. Never […]

Before you go

Over the past month friends have been dropping their freshmen college students off at various campuses around the country. Many of these friends are people I’ve met during the past three years at my favorite teen’s high school. Their students, for the most part, were in the music program or color guard. Next week the […]

Could Have Been

Our relationship could have been better. We could have been close. We could have years of happy memories to look back on. Our homes could have been more inviting. We could have shared simple meals at the table. We could have asked friends to come play cards. Our careers could have been bigger. We could […]

Gate Keeper Failure

Harvey McKay says he always hires two positions at his company personally, the CEO and the Receptionist. Recently I changed dentists because of his front office staff. This is not a new tactic for me. I have changed doctors, coffee shops, internet, cable and phone companies, plumbers, grocery stores and churches because of the front […]