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Disposable Days

For some today will be totally forgettable. Just another day filled with meaningless activities or mindless entertainment. For some today is the most important day of their life, a turning point, a course correction, a pinnacle. For some today is the end. Some will live today savoring every moment, capturing every word or glance or […]

3 ways to make the most of each day

My daily to do list grows longer each day.   Most days I run out of time before I run out of things to do. There is always something else to clean or read or write or create. There are always friends I want to call and catch up with. There are long walks to […]


In the past week three separate incidents have occurred with the same basic theme…Adult bullying. The first was a twitter comment indicating that there was something wrong with people who like milk chocolate. When I questioned the twit she said she was just joking around. I didn’t find it funny. The second was a product that was lampooned […]

Are We There Yet?

Probably the most asked question emanating from the back of station wagons in days gone by and mini vans on the road today. If you were sitting in one of those back seats it could be very difficult to know where you were in the journey and how much further til the next stop or […]