Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

At the end of the day…hope

I don’t want to see anymore political stuff. Not because I don’t want to be an informed voter but because nothing I see offers any hope. All I see are people taking and yelling and threatening and telling others what they are doing is wrong. I’m tired of it. I have long said “you can’t […]

Disposable Days

For some today will be totally forgettable. Just another day filled with meaningless activities or mindless entertainment. For some today is the most important day of their life, a turning point, a course correction, a pinnacle. For some today is the end. Some will live today savoring every moment, capturing every word or glance or […]

3 ways to make the most of each day

My daily to do list grows longer each day.   Most days I run out of time before I run out of things to do. There is always something else to clean or read or write or create. There are always friends I want to call and catch up with. There are long walks to […]


In the past week three separate incidents have occurred with the same basic theme…Adult bullying. The first was a twitter comment indicating that there was something wrong with people who like milk chocolate. When I questioned the twit she said she was just joking around. I didn’t find it funny. The second was a product that was lampooned […]