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At the end of the day…hope

I don’t want to see anymore political stuff. Not because I don’t want to be an informed voter but because nothing I see offers any hope. All I see are people taking and yelling and threatening and telling others what they are doing is wrong. I’m tired of it. I have long said “you can’t […]


All he had was a sturdy stick and a stutter. God used him to speak to Pharaoh and free a nation. All he had was sling and some stones. God used him to take down a giant. All he had was a few fish and a little bread. God used him to feed the multitude. […]

Words Fail

When a son/husband/father leaves for work in the morning and never arrives… When a heart is risked and rejected… When a child is abused by someone who is supposed to protect and defend… When a person of influence uses it to tear down instead of build up… When faith and hope are distant memories… When […]

Speaking the language

I don’t know if you read the book that broke love languages down into five categories: gifts, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, and physical contact. Given those five descriptions, does one jump out at you as the way you express your love? Do you think two or three fit? This morning I […]