Lana Vaughan

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Missing One Ingredient

You’ve been there before. Standing in front of the refrigerator or pantry shelves, trying to decide what to make for dinner or just looking for that something that will tide you over until your next meal. Running your eyes over the possibilities each time you come up one ingredient short. You could have cereal but […]

Hot Stuff

For the past two years my favorite teenager has been part of the marching band at her high school. Last year near the end of the season I picked her up from a Saturday practice for the lunch break. She had just an hour before she had to be back on the field for the […]

Tis A Puzzlement

Did the pieces of your puzzle fit nicely today? Did you try to force a piece or two thinking you could make them fit? Are you still sorting through them looking for the corner and edge piece? Have you even taken the pieces out of the box yet? You won’t know what the picture truly […]

Green Eggs and Ham

If you are at all familiar with children’s literature, there is a good chance you know Sam I Am. Persistent and polite at the same time, he thought outside the box not once but dozens of times in an effort to share what he already knew was good. You also know his very stubborn friend […]