Lana Vaughan

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Early Adopter

Did you have a cell phone that looked like a putty colored brick? Did you have a projection tv? Did your blog start on Blogger? For a long time were you the only one you knew using a Mac? If you were, you may be an Early Adopter. EAs are the ones who stand in […]

Closing Doors

My dog Mickey was whimpering behind the closed bedroom door. He has free range of our home and often goes into our bedroom and closes the door. There is a full length mirror on the back and he likes to look at himself. It’s harmless enough. He doesn’t tear up anything or sleep on the […]

Then there was one

A few months ago I ordered this set of coffee/tea mugs. When I originally went looking for them I was only thinking of ordering one. But they came in a set so six it was. They have since offered them individually. The box arrived in a timely manner and sat in my office aging. I already […]


It sits buried beneath years of fallen leaves and unchecked forest under growth. If you didn’t know exactly where to look you would never see it. The ones responsible for it being there are all long gone and only a few carry the memory at all. Once it was precious and shiny and new. Once […]