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What Am I 4? YES

Last night I found out a dear friend had sent me a Christmas present. It arrived on Wednesday but I had added the delivery box to my little stack of Christmas gifts to wrap that I had ordered for others. A message sent me searching for it and then the craziness began. There were three […]

How To Loose 100 Lbs in 24 Hours

Got your attention? Good. I challenge you to get out your bathroom scales. Put it in the middle of your living room. Put a cardboard box on it. Now fill the box with stuff you don’t need anymore. How much does it weigh? Now put a large garbage bag on the scale. Dump in all […]

Do They Know It’s Christmas?

As I was waiting for my favorite person in the whole wide world to clear the thin layer of ice on my windshield this morning a song came on the radio. A particular lyric caught my ear. “There won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas…” Well, of course, there won’t. There wasn’t last year and […]


What I want for Christmas is miracles. It’s happened before. It’s actually the reason for the season. A time to remember and celebrate His arrival in a situation and world that desperately needed miracles. Today is no different. A wife and mother waits as rescue workers search the mountains for her family missing a week […]