Lana Vaughan

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What I want for Christmas is miracles. It’s happened before. It’s actually the reason for the season. A time to remember and celebrate His arrival in a situation and world that desperately needed miracles. Today is no different. A wife and mother waits as rescue workers search the mountains for her family missing a week […]

In A Word

A few years ago I met with another writer every Wednesday morning at a coffee shop to work. Laptops set up across from each other, unlimited refills of coffee and the fresh pastries made for a very productive couple of hours.  One morning I was sharing how at the beginning of the year I had […]

What are you trying to remember?

Several years ago I was watching a home make over show. In exchange for letting a camera crew and some creative types into the homeowners lives for a weekend, the homeowners got a couple of rooms in their home cleared out and remodeled. The first thing the crews did was unload the rooms and put […]

Cookie Cutters…

are great if you are baking cookies. But not if you are being creative. By it’s very nature creativity is not uniform. It is individual. Even if it starts with a common theme or media or even a pattern. Creativity takes on the perspective, the strengths and the flaws of the creator. It is the […]