Lana Vaughan

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Step Up or Step Off

Sometimes you have to step up. And sometimes you might be told to step off.

Would You Fire You?

Are you the kind of employee you want working for you? You have goals, roles and responsibilities. The only way for you to successfully reach your goal, fill your role and fulfill your responsibilities is if you get to work. Procrastination, excuses and distractions are common to all of us. Good employees know how to […]

Would You Work For You?

You may not own a multi-national corporation or even run your own small business but everyday people work for you. Decision are made, plans are laid out and one way or another you are directing the work of others. It may be as simple as ordering lunch at a drive through window or as complex […]

Some Assembly Required

Do those words make you shutter? Do you have the patience to assembly an Ikea bookcase? Have you been training with Legos since you were a child? If they put all the pieces in a box, give you instructions in pictures and include the only tools you need, can you do it? Or do you […]