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Would You Work For You?

You may not own a multi-national corporation or even run your own small business but everyday people work for you. Decision are made, plans are laid out and one way or another you are directing the work of others. It may be as simple as ordering lunch at a drive through window or as complex […]

Some Assembly Required

Do those words make you shutter? Do you have the patience to assembly an Ikea bookcase? Have you been training with Legos since you were a child? If they put all the pieces in a box, give you instructions in pictures and include the only tools you need, can you do it? Or do you […]

Priority Mail or Slow Boat

Yesterday I mailed three boxes. The first box contained a Christmas gift. I purchased the gift in July, wrapped it in September and mailed it in October. I have notified the recipient not to open it when it arrives but to wait until December. The second box contained a blessing. On Saturday a very colorful […]

31 Days of….

One of the bloggers I follow regularly has a 31 day challenge  and just for the sake of trying to do something for longer than a minute I decided to attempt this one. As I considered what I wanted to write about everyday for 31 days I felt comfortable going back to my theme of questions. […]