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There Is None So Blind…

Have we become a nation so bombarded by sound and noise and advice and information that we have stopped listening in self defense? I have learned to enjoy watching football the past couple of years from going to high school games to hear the pep band. Football on tv is harder for me to watch. […]

Power of 24

This morning I posted on another website I blog for using the headline construction technique often recommended to catch the readers attention. I can now testify it works. Maybe it worked too well. What I thought was a positive update to a situation had two distinct and opposite responses. The first group panicked thinking no […]

Put The Roller Down

I’ve heard a lot of disrespectful conversations lately. From the evening news to the high school parking lot, there is no shortage of people who do not like the way others are doing their jobs and who are very vocal about it. Almost 30 years ago I was working with a mentor who called me […]

Creative vs Productive

Self-defeating behavior seems to run in my family. It goes hand in hand with the creativity and artistic. Those who are the most creative fight with depression, purpose, and motivation. Those who have little to no creativity tend to be productive in mindless routine tasks. Both sides of the family find the other annoying. The […]