Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Closer to the fire

Last year I had several old trees cut down on our property. They were beautiful and still alive but the core was rotten and they were a risk to our 120 year old house. They had to come down. There are now big dark dirt circles marking the place where these giants stood. The largest […]

Who made you think?

Everyday people say some of the most inane mindless things because they don’t take the time to think. They repeat what they heard or whip out a tired old cliché if they are presented with a question. But how many times do they really stop to think before answering? If someone says “Hi, how are […]

Does it matter?

I’m not going to apologize for not posting more often. I don’t delude myself into thinking anyone actually notices. For the past few months I have been dismantling one life while trying to build two new ones. A big part of all three has been the question of “does it matter?” Does it matter if […]

Never too late for a personal renaissance

Quick update on all the crazy that is my life. We bought a 120 year old Queen Anne house in Michigan. We sold our home in California. We loaded 3 large PODS, one 16 foot Budget truck, a car hauler, a moving van, a Ford pick up truck and a 25 foot travel trailer. We […]