Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Dry Well…

There are 6 inches of snow outside my home this morning. It’s fluffy light snow that blows around easily and moves gracefully when it floats down from the trees. It’s also sitting on large patches of ice that froze instead of soaking into the ground after the last warm day melted the snow we got […]

Defining moments…

and why I think they don’t exist. More than half a century ago, a man spoke a few words in frustration that changed the course of your life. Indirectly. You see, they became the foundation of my self image and the primary motivation behind everything I have done since that day. They are why I […]

Not the Boss of ME….

That little playground response when someone tried to tell me what to do. It was quick on my tongue and my tongue usually followed it out of my mouth. Even at an early age, I knew who did or did not have authority over me. I was fortunate to have a sense of self determination […]

Cursing the Cursor

Every writer has an arch nemesis. It usually a single vertical black line. Sometimes we spend the critical time needed to explore the setting on our computer and change it to something more interesting but then find the interesting even more taunting than the simple line so we change it back. It binks so we […]