Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Not the Boss of ME….

That little playground response when someone tried to tell me what to do. It was quick on my tongue and my tongue usually followed it out of my mouth. Even at an early age, I knew who did or did not have authority over me. I was fortunate to have a sense of self determination […]

Cursing the Cursor

Every writer has an arch nemesis. It usually a single vertical black line. Sometimes we spend the critical time needed to explore the setting on our computer and change it to something more interesting but then find the interesting even more taunting than the simple line so we change it back. It binks so we […]

War of Art…

One of the frequent goals people make at the first of the year is to read more. Anyone who knows me, knows reading is already a deeply ingrained part of my life. I love to read. I also love to re-read. Yup. Not content with just a first pass at a good book I will […]

Update Tuesday…

It seems like every Tuesday morning, when I fire up my computer I spend an hour or so doing software updates. Maybe not every Tuesday but enough for me to consider it Update Tuesday and to count on it as the least productive hour of my week. Least productive but most critical to functioning in […]