Lana Vaughan

The Queen of Questions

Broken Agreement

Today after church Matt and I sat having brunch with our daughter. We were discussing the message we had heard this morning. It was good but not really memorable. The one thing that stood out was that the pastor was talking about kindness being an action not an emotion. At one point in the message […]

Un-Dying to Self

The past week a very strange battle has been taking place in my life. (Cut to the end of the story for those who don’t have time to sit through the whole movie.) Some serious and very old agreements have been brought to light and broken. Last Friday I decided to use a color remover […]

My Fruit Trees

Outside my office window is an apple tree. There is not a single leaf on it. This past summer it produced three apples. This was a 300% increase from the year before. Next to the apple tree is an orange tree. It is probably a good 6 feet shorter than the apple tree and right […]


Sometimes the hardest part of a project or adventure is just starting. So here it is. My first blog. Nothing of great wisdom or import to share but now that it’s done I can get past the pressure of starting to write and really write.