Lana Vaughan

Reality Developer, Helping take dreams out of the clouds and make them reality

Following Directions

So much of life comes with directions. The basic premise being someone who has gone before is leaving a visible trail for those who come later. Not all directions are clear. These are a few of the directions I have followed and the general results. Legos: colored photos of the little pieces with no words. […]

Could Have Been

Our relationship could have been better. We could have been close. We could have years of happy memories to look back on. Our homes could have been more inviting. We could have shared simple meals at the table. We could have asked friends to come play cards. Our careers could have been bigger. We could […]

Special Needs

Everyone I have ever met has special needs. Some deny them. Some over come them. Some get help dealing with them. Some demand the world around them change to meet them. How do you handle your special needs? Do you ignore them? Do you trade on them? Do you consider them your definition? Do you […]


How much pressure are you under? Where does it come from? Is it from people who want you to do more or do less or just do different…or…or…or? Is it from yourself wishing you were more or better or thinner or richer or more successful or…or…or? When divers go to deep the pressure of the […]