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3 Feet In Front Of My Nose

51df0572-5061-4566-a440-f6c0d4d07ac0I need glasses or contacts to see anything more than 3 feet in front of me clearly. But when I’m trying to read I have to take the glasses off or put reading glasses on!

This challenge with focus (pun intended) extends far beyond my interaction with the written word. It feels like a metaphor for life. There is an inner circle where I can see clearly without aid or with double the aides. It’s either natural or requires twice the effort. In this case, twice the effort can also mean twice the need to clean the lenses. The distraction of a smear on the reading glasses or protein build up on the contacts can become such an intrusion that focus becomes a matter of mental rather than visual difficulty.

With the outer circle, there is a void that must be maintained in order for the focus to stay clear if I have taken the steps to make that focus crisp. Without taking deliberate action, things outside the void are blurry and open to being misread.

So here’s where my observation this morning takes me. We have more aides to connection and communication than at any point in history and yet our focus is still challenged. Through the lenses of media, both mainstream and social, we can read up close but still miss the heart and truth of the matter. When we throw off the glasses or remove the contacts all we see is clearly is the small space inside our own limited void.

How do we begin to see more clearly what is up close and personal and what is just beyond the end of our natural vision at the same time? How do we move from the dailiness of our to-do list to the vastness of fulfilling our purpose? How do we climb mountains while making sure the legos are all picked up from the living room floor?



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