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Disruption Needed?

What disruption in your life will you eventually be thankful for?

It is a question I am pondering lately after I have experienced several disruptions to “the plan” I had scoped out for my life for the past five or so years. The most recent disruption involved my home. Both my wife and I have taken big career changes. And those changes have required us to work outside of the town we have lived in all 14 years of our marriage.

The plan was to spruce up our home and sell it since there was still a good market in our little college town. As soon as we put it up for sale the real-estate price dive that has effected the rest of the nation finally reached us. We dropped the price a bit but then finally decided to keep it as a rental.

This was not part of the plan. Instead I am now a landlord. We were disrupted.

But let me be clear. I am so grateful. Yes it is inconvenient. We own and manage property in another town. It can be risky but there are also a many reasons it is a good choice. Most of all we are fortunate to have the choice. To many friends have foreclosed or shortsold.

My wife and I joke that we never seem to grow up. Even though we are both successful individuals we are also both babies in our family birth order. Just yesterday she turned to me and said “I think we are grown up now”.

So again, what disruption in your life will you eventually be thankful for?

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