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Following Directions

DirectionsSo much of life comes with directions. The basic premise being someone who has gone before is leaving a visible trail for those who come later. Not all directions are clear. These are a few of the directions I have followed and the general results.

Legos: colored photos of the little pieces with no words. Easy enough for pre-schoolers.
Personal success rate: every project turned out just like the picture on the box.

Betty Crocker: Children’s cookbook with clear lists of ingredients and step by step directions.
Personal success rate: I still make the Chocolate Upside-down cake I first made more than 40 years ago.

Ikea: Depending on the complexity of the project, some words but mostly step-by-step line drawings.
Personal success rate: I have had to take apart at least one step on every project because I misunderstood the drawings.

WordPress: Step-by-step instructions with templates designed to get even the novice started.
Personal success rate: Pretty good as long as I don’t try to get to tricky.

Bible: Comes in a wide variety of translations, some including pictures, study helps, and commentary.
Personal success rate: Like they say in AA “It works if you work it”.

How good are you at following directions?

How good are you at leaving directions?

How often do you ask for directions?

How often do you give directions?

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