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Is Your Band Ready?

IMG_9631Tonight across the country young men and women will stand alone atop a platform in the gap between the field and the stands and answer this question.

These teenagers will look up at a panel of judges and respond with a salute. Between them and the judges are rows of family, friends, and hundreds of strangers waiting for this moment. A quick turn on their heels and the raise of their arms moves the focus from them to the uniformed performers who have been preparing  weeks and months in the heat and cold, the wind and the rain.

Are they ever really ready? These kids have worked hard. They have learned what they were taught. They practiced the music. The memorized the patterns of the field work. But the question is “are they ready?”

I have a lot of things left to do. Projects I want to see come to fruition. None of them will be accomplished in a vacuum. All of them require a team, a band. Each has a part to play and a place on the field. As I look at those projects I start seeing the players step up. I can’t wait for the moment when I can salute, knowing my band is ready. I can hear them warming up now.

What are you working on? Who’s playing in your band? Is your band ready?

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