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1-2 Punch

So, you made it through yesterday and have arrived at today without the countdown, the confetti poppers or the champagne. Yesterday is history. But was it memorable?

Kicking off my year of questions yesterday I was greatly encouraged and blessed by the response. With permission I am sharing one of them as today’s guest blog. I’d like to introduce my sister, Linda Humbert. She is the mother of 3 and a proud grandmother. She has served her country in the Army and now serves the artistic community as a major supply resource.  Until yesterday I had no idea she saw me the way she describes. It was an unexpected blessing and her question was really good. I hope it gives you as much to think about as it did me.

I’d love to hear your answers to….


I have a question for you. It’s a little long in the explaining, but worth it.

Who is in your arsenal? And what weapon are you in others weapons cabinets?

At Kevin’s funeral Ron compared Kevin’s battle with alcohol to David and Goliath. How through the power of God he won the battle against a larger and stronger foe. After the funeral I went up to the woman he used to be with before me. She is the one who saw him through getting sober. She never really understood how the new woman in his life could be okay with their strong friendship. I think she finally understood when I put my arms around her and told her that if the booze was his Goliath, then she was the slingshot. And I told her that I love her for helping Kevin be the man I fell in love with.

During our lives God has given us His armour, but He has also blessed us with an outstanding arsenal!!! One of my favorite weapons is the woman who is asking questions this year… my big sister! When life hits me with an atom bomb she’s been my bomb shelter. When life throws stones she is the baseball bat that hit them out of the park. When the rains come down, she has been the umbrella keeping my head dry, even when I’m up to my neck in the flood….

There are other weapons in my arsenal… some that I’ve had to let go, because the weight of them drug me down more than their firepower was worth… that doesn’t mean they didn’t do the best they could, just that they weren’t designed for my particular battles, but I hope I’ve been an effective weapon in their weapons locker.

So…. my question is: Who is in your arsenal? And what weapon are you in others weapons cabinets?

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