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A Year In Questions

While it’s true every year and every day that we don’t know what lies ahead the year we are all facing seems to be dragging some pretty heavy luggage this time. And with that luggage come a lot of questions.

About 25 years ago I was introduced to a woman who changed the direction of my journey and not only said questioning was good, she built an entire ministry based on questions.  Learning Inductive Study was a major foundation for exploring what I believed because it was what I was taught and what I believed because it was Truth. As you can imagine there were some huge discrepancies.

This past week a wise woman asked a question. She had gotten the blogging prompt from WordPress about focusing on writing about one thing for the next year. Wise Woman asked what the bloggers she was addressing would choose to write about if they narrowed it down to one focus. Without much, if any, hesitation I knew my theme would be questions.

So for the next 366 I will be asking questions. Some you may want to answer and others you may want to ponder and keep the answer to yourself. The goal isn’t to necessarily find “THE ANSWER” but to learn to ask better questions.

You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers.

You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.

  Naguib Mahfouz

So each day I will pose a new question. I would love to hear your answers and see what the questions are prompting not only in your thoughts but in your actions. I will be adding a special page to list all of the questions in case you miss some or want to go back over them.

Starting off with a big one…

Have you prepared for tomorrow today?

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  1. Linda

    I have a question for you. It’s a little long in the explaining, but worth it.

    Who is in your arsenal? And what weapon are you in others weapons cabinets?

    At Kevins funeral Ron compared Kevins battle with alcohol to David and Goliath. How through the power of God he won the battle against a larger and stronger foe. After the funeral I went up to the woman he used to be with before me. She is the one who saw him through getting sober. She never really understood how the new woman in his life could be okay with their strong friendship. I think she finally understood when I put my arms around her and told her that if the booze was his Goliath, then she was the slingshot. And I told her that I love her for helping Kevin be the man I fell in love with.

    During our lives God has given us His armour, but He has also blessed us with an outstanding arsenal!!! One of my favorite weapons is the woman who is asking questions this year… my big sister! When life hits me with an atom bomb she’s been my bomb shelter. When life throws stones she is the baseball bat that hit them out of the park. When the rains come down, she has been the umbrella keeping my head dry, even when I’m up to my neck in the flood….

    There are other weapons in my arsenal… some that I’ve had to let go, because the weight of them drug me down more than their firepower was worth… that doesn’t mean they didn’t do the best they could, just that they weren’t designed for my particular battles, but I hope I’ve been an effective weapon in their weapons locker.

    So…. my question is: Who is in your arsenal? And what weapon are you in others weapons cabinets?

    1. Candy

      Linda….your question led me to an answer that for me, has been extremely instrumental in calling an ace and ace and a spade a spade. I found I was turning to and trusting more, those with the ability to cut through ‘crap’, to speak the truth in love, and to define boundary lines that do not enable crippling behavior in others. I did not grow up with those lines in place and had to learn by sitting as His Feet, that ‘turning the other cheek’ wasn’t always the interpretation of timidity that was taught. The lessons Jesus taught by His own actions, ranged from being ‘as a lamb before it’s slayers’ to a righteous anger that cleared the money changers from the temple. Lion AND Lamb kinda stuff. I choose to be silent here (Spirit leading), but I choose NOT to agree with those terms there (also Spirit leading).

      So those in my arsenal would have to be those with the battle scars that come with cutting off a religious, man-pleasing spirit and are able to speak the TRUTH in love. (Not always easy to do, but truth confidently spoken in love, draws a God given boundary). And the weapon I am in others cabinets would be the ability to hear HIS HEART, and AGREE WITH IT! The rest is His work.

    2. Great questions, Linda. Thanks sharing the story about Kevin’s ex. I know that the grace you extended in that moment meant so much to her heart and reflects the true beauty of your own heart and the depth of your love for Kevin.

      Your question about who is in your arsenal is a great one! I’d love to use it as a guest blog post if that’s ok with you.You are a very gifted writer and the way you see people has always been a blessing.

      1. Linda

        Go for it… use it if you like. And thank you… my writing is from the heart when I’m inspired to write it’s always about something I care about. Usually metaphors come easy to me….

  2. Candy

    Lana….I love your choice of asking questions, and some of them hard questions. Those are the kind of questions that God asks us, which cause us to: run and hide, admit we don’t really know as much as we thought we did, face our fears, come to the end of ourselves, or cry out for help. I used to think that asking some of the ‘hard’ questions were somehow too ‘in your face’ to a Holy God. After going through a prolonged ‘desert’ experience, I learned just how much God actually welcomes the ‘hard’ questions that religion acts indignant about.

    Only in asking the ‘hard’ questions, and then receiving from God the ‘hard’ answers, have I begun to take the necessary steps toward the freedom my heart has always longed for. And that freedom usually comes as I step away from the ‘norm’, and away from people-pleasing, while stepping toward what may be a hard answer….but contained within that answer is the ‘truth that will set you free!’ HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    1. It does take a lot to ask the hard questions. Putting them into words and then putting them out there are challenging and risky. The fear of not only the answer but the very real possibility they will be met with laughter or worse, silence, often shuts them down before they ever make it past the thin covering of our heart.

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