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Abercromie & Fitch getting ugly


Somehow I doubt when this brand was established the image was the same as the one in the headline news today. I doubt the Mr Abercrombie and Mr Fitch would have ever considered using half-naked men to sell clothes. But they are gone and someone else is responsible for their brand. Unfortunately, many people do not like or agree with the new target market for A & F. Some have become so indignant that they have taken time to create posters and spend part of their day standing in front of A & F stores telling other people to be offended, indignant and not to buy the clothes A & F sells. These indignant people complain that by selling only expensive clothes in very small sizes that only a limited demographic want to buy is somehow hurting their feelings or just not fair to them. Oh, well.

A & F isn’t obligated to sell clothes that fit everyone. They aren’t obligated to sell clothes that everyone can afford. They aren’t obligated to sell clothes that everyone likes. That’s part of the beauty of free enterprise and free market. No one is forced to buy these size 00 clothes. No one is forced to wander through the crowded paths of jeans and shirts and assorted physically fit young sales assistants.

The protesters make the claim that A& F sends the wrong message to young people. Well, what message are the protesters sending? imagesIf you shout loud enough that you don’t like how someone runs their business you can bully them into changing their merchandise? Is that really how it works? I hope not.

I have never bought anything from A & F. Not my style, not my size. But I will support their right to run their business their way. If A & F can be bullied who’s next, Chick-Fil-A?



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