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Behold I Make All Things New

Do you remember the feeling of something brand new and exciting? I remember when we bought my very first brand new mini-van. It had 6 miles on it. 6! Can you believe it? I was so careful. No one was ever going to eat or drink in my new mini-van. The cup holders were an unnecessary feature. We were simply never going to have a use for them. Fast forward 8 years. Nuff said….

This morning I have been stirred by the offering of a new day. A brand new day with the fresh morning smell still clinging to it like the dew on the grass and the dried up clump of goo that keeps my eye from opening fully until it’s washed away with warm water. I love that new day feeling. I haven’t done anything I regret. I haven’t blown my “eating plan”. I have so much potential and endless possibilities to consider after that first cup of coffee.

But what I really want today is to cling to the promise God offers to make all things new. I want to see with fresh eyes this morning. I want Him to wash away all the goo and let me see with His perspective and His loving gaze on all the people who come into this precious gift of a new day. I want to embrace the good in life and in the newness God has placed in me. When He said He would make all things new that included me. I’m going to delight in my new day. It’s early. I have many good miles ahead of me and with my cup of coffee firmly in my cup holder, I’m ready to hit the road for adventure.

God only knows where my journey will take me this brand new day….

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