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Day 2 vs Today…

I was just over 2 hours late for work today. No, I haven’t started working for someone else. I am working for myself. At least I am working toward working for myself.

For the past 20 or so years I have had a vision for a learning resource. About 5 years ago, I purchased the domain name and started writing all my ideas in a Moleskine notebook. I have dozens of them now and if you are ever trying to decide what to give me for a gift a Moleskine is always a sure to please choice. They are the catch basin for my creative bursts, my lists of lists, my notes from online and personal classes. They are my calendar, my journal and my cheap therapist. They are also the main reason my chiropractor hates my overloaded book bag. In a digital age, I am still very much a pen and paper girl. (Don’t get me started on hand turned one of a kind pens. Love them!!!)

I had today planned out. There was a webinar by Michael Hyatt that I signed up for. I thought it started at 11:00 am. Turns out it starts at 9:00 pm. So, probably not going to catch that one.

I was going to get this written up and posted before 10:00 am so I would have a sense of accomplishment and a fresh cup of coffee before the webinar. A quick phone call changed those plans. The cup of Trader Joe’s Salted Carmel Chia tea waiting for me on the cup warmer in my office was still here after a quick errand but the topic of my writing for the morning had changed with the plans.

Funny how something can be so front and center in your mind until a little jostle knocks it loose and instead of grabbing it with a Moleskine net it vanished like the illusive smoke my fire alarm can detect but I just don’t see.

So, consistency was adjusted to meet reality but in making the adjustment I was able to keep both. Huh…I guess it can be done.

Now that I have finally made it up the dozen narrow stairs to my incredible private office, I can get to work on the projects and work that excites me. So much to do, so much to learn, so much to share…sometimes I don’t know where to begin. Then I realize I have already begun. I began a long time ago. I am just continuing. No need to start or look for the first tasks. Those have been marked complete.

Looking back, everything began before it actually begins. There was a long lead up to the “starting line”. A runner runs hundreds of miles before even entering the race let alone running it. A writer writes thousands and thousands of words before publishing a single one. A singer has gone over the song in the shower or in the car or in a bedroom with a hairbrush for a microphone until the moment someone announces her name and she steps onto the stage.

So today doesn’t have to be Day 1. My guess is you’re already on Day 2 or Day 3…. My guess is you been putting in the miles. You’ve been typing out the words. It’s time to put down the hairbrush and pick up the mic.

Your race is about to start…TODAY WINS!

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