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Did you get the books?

Today I checked a friend’s Facebook page expecting to ask her if the books I sent had arrived. She lost her library last year in the tornadoes that ripped through Joplin. The past 8 months have been incredibly challenging for her. The lost of her home, the uncertainty and the hope just the past few weeks as things really started to come together. She mentioned in passing how excited she was that someone had given her a couple of books from her favorite series that were lost. I asked her which ones she was still missing and ordered them on Amazon. They were supposed to start being delivered on Monday. Monday was also the day she was going to orientation for her new job after spending the past week moving into her new duplex.

You probably know where this is going. Linda Roberts passed away Monday at her orientation.


Joplin Family Worship Center
Linda M. Roberts (Seevers) was a grief counselor who volunteered many hours at JFWC this past summer to help victims of the May 22 tornado. She surprised us all on Monday when she moved to heaven at her first day of employment during orientation. She had earned an M.Ed. on counseling from Evangel University and an M.Div. from AGTS, both in Springfield. Linda had a vocation to help others from Messenger College students to abused women and children. Affected herself by the tornado she had to move in a FEMA trailor, and was working hard to recover financially. Because of these struggles she had no life insurance. Her daughter and family, Joy and David Parkman, too, was affected by the tornado, losing both jobs from St. Johns Hospital and Home Depot.(both buildings were destroyed) Her son, Tommy lives in Kansas City and made several trips to help restore Joplin this past summer. This whole family are clearly servants of God and are in need of our help to be a good steward of their mother’s body. SO, In Leiu of flowers, the family has set up a memorial fund to cover the cost. The memorial/burial is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, based on their ability to pay the funeral home. JFWC has set up a memorial fund for those who desire to help this family. If you would like to help you can use the paypal on our website. Just mark it Memorial Fund and 100% will go to the cost of the funeral. Thank you, for reading. If you can’t give please offer a prayer up for this precious family. Blessings to all of you! (from Linda’s Facebook page)


Life is far shorter than we think. It’s more fragile and precious than we acknowledge moment to moment. In the past four months many I love have lost someone with no warning. One moment they were here and the next they were gone. I faced the very real possibility myself only weeks ago.

I am so glad I sent Linda the books. I know she didn’t get to enjoy them but she knew they were coming. She knew someone she had never met in person saw her heart and did something about it.

Maybe it’s not books in your life. Maybe it’s something else. And just maybe, like me, you’re supposed to be the one sending them out. Maybe it’s a card or flowers or a phone call. Maybe it’s just a simple post on Facebook.

But what if the thing you are really sending out is hope? and love? and joy? Put a stamp on it. Take the time. Be deliberate.

Send the books.


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  1. Went back to see what Linda’s final post was. I thought it was so incredible I want to add it as a P.S.

    “The “day” has finally arrived. I am both nervous and excited! Just wish I felt better for starting day! My sleep was restless all night. But I don’t feel sleepy today…Here we go:: WORK HERE I COME!”

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