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Dream Bigger

You have one. It’s somewhere in the back of your heart or your head. It may have made its way to some doodles or even an outline in a notebook that keeps resurfacing when you clean your desk or move that same stack of papers from one place to another again. It’s come up a couple of times when you’ve talked to a friend but more likely a chance encounter with a stranger gives it the opportunity to nudge you.

It’s your dream. It’s what you’d like to be doing if you weren’t busy doing what you are doing. It’s usually at the bottom of your To Do list right after taking out the garbage or cleaning the bathroom.

Funny how quiet it can get for long periods of time. But then something shifts slightly. Maybe it’s sitting down after the garbage is out and the toilet has been scrubbed. It may be a few measures of music on the radio just as you pull into a parking space, turn off the car and rush to where ever you’re going. Those few words or notes stick with you the rest of the day like a glowing ember on a pile of dry leaves. It could be a new crisis drawing on all your strength and resources that makes your heart moan, “I wish I could just….” Perhaps you are blessed with a friend who knows your dream, who challenges you to fan the flame or maybe dumps a cup of gasoline on it every now and then.

_MG_7289Somehow the spark catches. You add the kindling and wait to add the logs. You know the ones. They are the skills and lessons you have learned and stacked for just this time. They are the people you have connected with who know or know someone who knows. If you’re lucky there is someone standing next to you who has helped build this kind of fire before. Someone who knows how to stack the wood and when to push it all around to get more air into it.

In much of the West right now fire season is in full flame. In the middle of no where Burning Man is assembled. Across the country plans are being made to fire up the grill this weekend with family and friends gathered to share a charbroiled something. Everyday somewhere someone is dealing with fire. Everyday somewhere someone is celebrating their dream becoming their reality. Everyday somewhere someone is doing what you only dream of. Are you?

The dream you have isn’t just for you. It’s the heat needed on a cold night. It’s the flame that cooks the food for the fellowship. It’s the light that brings someone home. It’s the place hearts gather to share the stories of their journey.

Once upon a time there was a man with a Dream. He told a few people who would listen…His dream has changed the world.

What’s your Dream?

When you are ready to make it a reality, call me. I have some dry firewood and maybe a little gasoline.


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