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Dreams do come true

Today is another example of someone doing the work, chasing the dream and putting it out there.

Amy Dale has written a book. So many aspire to write. Many actually start but Amy has finished. She has had it edited and done the polish work. But instead of adding it to the piles of hopeful unpublished manuscripts submitted for the approval of a publisher, Amy took her art directly to the people. She put it on Kickstarter.


With just hours left today, Amy has already passed her goal by 5! Now 162 sales may not put her on the New York Times best sellers list but she has sold more books today than most aspiring authors ever will.

I am one of her backers. I’ve already read the digital version and as an avid reader I enjoyed it very much. I hope you read this in time to join the celebration and back Amy today.

Amy’s dream is coming true today. What’s your dream? What are you doing today to make it reality? What can I do to help?

Congratulations, Amy! Can’t wait to see where you next dream takes you.

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