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Eulogy for a Dream

Dearly beloved…

No that’s the beginning of a wedding, a celebration of a love story. This is the end of this story.

I just got off the phone with a very nice customer service representative at AT & T. They do exist. While he was pulling up the information on his computer about my account he asked me how I was doing tonight. Maybe it’s just me, but he sounded like he genuinely wanted to know. I told him I wasn’t doing very well. He said he was sorry to hear that and hoped he could help. He did help. Together we walked through what was necessary to pull the plug on the Go Deeper Still Women’s Conference website. Effective tomorrow it will no longer be on the internet. Just doing my part to cut down on the cyber junk floating around cyberspace. Can’t have that stuff crashing into Australia.

But anyway…After a year and a half, GoDeeperStill,com is over. I’m tying up the loose ends like canceling the 800 number and taking down the website.

“After just 1 1/2 years, we are closing our doors. We have loved being part of your lives.”

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