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Free Housekeeper!!!

cleaning_flyer_03Few words stir the heart of a homemaker like the offer of a free housekeeper. Someone to do the heavy work of laundry or floors or the dreaded bathrooms.

We love our homes. We enjoy fixing them up to suit our style and personality. We might even break out a gallon of paint and change the colors every now and then. Rearranging the furniture is not out of the question.

But cleaning…. That’s something most people would love to hand off to someone else. It’s not creative. It’s not very rewarding. It’s considered a chore, a necessity but not fun.

As a writer I know it’s easier for me to focus when the laundry is done, the floors are clean and the house is presentable if someone should drop by for coffee.

Earlier this week I asked a group of bloggers if they used an editor for their posts or if they were going it alone. Every one who responded said they were on their own. They found the idea of an editor intrusive or restrictive or too academic. The idea of submitting it to someone before hitting the publish button didn’t sit very comfortably with any of them. I consider an editor like a housekeeper. If someone else can catch my typos, correct my syntax and undangle my participles I read like a better writer than I am.

Given the choice between a good housekeeper and a good editor I would take a good editor anyday.

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