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Gone in a moment

For the past 9 years there has been an apple tree outside my home office window. As I type this the tree is gone. In those 9 years there have been maybe a half dozen apples which have been scarfed up by a squirrel I named George. The apple tree by itself would probably still be standing except it’s close neighbor the apricot tree was dying quickly. The apricot tree produced tons of fruit over those same 9 years and the tree men harvested a huge ice chest full for me before taking it out. But the apricot tree was splitting apart at its trunk and before it could cause damage it had to be removed. Also meeting it’s end today is a scrawny redwood tree that is growing into the fence line.

I don’t like to see trees cut down. I love the lessons I have learned from them over the years. I love the majesty, the deep roots and the amazingly uniqueness of each tree.

We didn’t plant these trees. They came with the house and were actually planted by the owners once removed. To those visionaries I say thank you. Thank you for the fruit and the shade and the beauty. To the owners in between I have to say “what were you thinking encasing these trees in cement!? I know pouring concrete to make a dog run seemed like a good idea but you killed the trees!”

Like I said, I have learned a lot of lessons from my trees. Today I am thinking of how stifling regulations and rules and taxes have become in our country and in our churches. As we head into the weekend celebrating our declaration of independence I can’t help feeling like the trees of liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been surrounded with cement to make a dog run.

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