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Have you surrendered?

I know it’s Monday morning. Many of my Facebook friends are bemoaning the start of another week. For many that includes having to be somewhere at a specific time to resume specific tasks with specific people for specific compensation.

I have to wonder this morning how much different the day would be if instead of dread and dragging the joy of “first day on the job” enthusiasm propelled them out of bed and into the shower. If they were looking at the people around them with anticipation of getting to know their co-workers and learning everything there was to be done at work, would the day seem like an adventure instead of a drudgery.

If the mindset was “I GET to go to work” instead of “I HAVE to go to work” would there be an unseen reward that motivates the effort to be better and the countenance to change?

Depending on where you get your numbers, anywhere from 155,000 to 300,000 people who woke up yesterday morning with Sunday ahead of them did not wake up this morning to face another Monday. For them the battle is over. The day is lost. But if you are reading this, you have today. Now the battle is for how you will spend it.

You can whine and complain and remind everyone it’s Monday. You can surrender and walk through what is the last day of someone’s life defeated and discouraged or….

You can claim the amazing gift you have of MONDAY and celebrate it. Today is someone’s birthday. Today is someone’s first day at work. Today, someone got married. Today someone walks out of the prison of fear and pain.

Today is Monday! Happy Monday!

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