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If Not Now….

Marching Band season has begun at my favorite teen’s high school. Early this morning 127 young musicians gathered on the marching band field to warm up, form up and begin drills. In a week or so the field will be invaded by football players but make no mistake. That is the marching band field.

As their director met with them this morning I heard a phrase she picked up at leadership camp this summer. “If not now, when?” Because the band and color guard program has grown beyond the 100 member mark they are moving up from AAA division to AAAA division in competition this year. That puts them in a head to head match with their rival school which is literally a mile from them. Some of them have crossed school lines to perform with this marching band under this teacher. Addressing the Goliath across the way, she reminded them that they had a championship season last year, that they would have eventually moved up to AAAA one day as the program builds, and that she knows they are ready for the challenge.

As I looked around at the faces before her, she repeated “If not now, when?” Maybe it was just that they were stretching or getting restless but I could swear I saw them standing a little taller, a little straighter, a little more determined.

IMG_7901The drum major took them out on the field, led the warm up exercises and then called them in tight. I have no idea what he said. It was between him and his band. But when they put their hands in and yelled out “BAND” on three they were ready to work. And work they will.

Today was the first of three 8 hour days. Next week they will do five 11 hour days with school starting the following week. After that it’s every Monday for 3.5  hours after school, every Thursday for 2.5 and every Saturday for 6 hours unless it’s a competition day which can stretch to 14 hours.

I was inspired today. I was challenged. I was hopeful.

What’s the challenge ahead? What’s keeping you from stepping onto the field? “If not now, when?” Are you ready to work?


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